The BAE Systems HybriDrive Propulsion system on the Army Medium Tactical Truck.

The generator is driven by a combustion engine1. The result is higher efficiency and less pollution.

The electric power generated runs the electric engine4, out-powering similar combustion engines.

The batteries2 store the electric energy for acceleration and “stealth-mode”.

By replacing the generator1 with the LandTech RE<C Energygenerator, we would get a version of the LandDefenceTech EGV.

Eliminating the need for fuel or recharging and giving the vehicle unlimited range.

Other contributions are far less maintenance and no pollution.


Small enough to fit in a sedan or a family car or strong enough to propel a ship.


The Orion VII hybrid bus is based on the same BAE Systems HybriDrive.

This system has been operational for several years in US cities like New York and San Francisco and would be improved with the operational cost, the maintenance and the pollution in mind.

Again the combustion driven generator1-2 is replaced with the LandTech RE<C Energygenerator making it an EGV.

No refuelling/recharging and no pollution.



LandTech RE<C



Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


No refuelling - no recharging - no pollution


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EGV = Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator provides exceptional solutions

 to growing environmental issues

within a more environmentally aware global community.



The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator is patent pending

having completed a successful public pre-patent survey.



LandDefenceTech licenses the patent pending exclusive rights for LandTech RE<C Energygenerator utilized in conjunction with a propulsion system or stand-alone below 1 MW production level.