The Innovation


”Free” electrical energy for the power industry, small businesses, farms and other commercial enterprises, as well as propulsion systems in vehicles and vessels, but with no pollution.


Low value energy is transformed into high value mechanical or electrical energy in a process developed over several stages, which includes a new method of utilizing thoroughly tested existing technology.


The renewable energy is processed with no CO2 emissions using off-the-shelf technology. No costly investments are required in external infrastructure.


Patent pending.



Increased Readiness and Contingency Planning During Natural Disasters


Energy delivery readiness generated by the LandTech RE<CEnergygenerator during natural disasters can be illustrated by our proposal solving issues relating to the Google RE<C project for powering San Francisco. For example, by situating production modules in or alongside hospitals, homes for the elderly, military installations and strategically important buildings such as police stations and fire stations, this would go a long way to limiting the impact of major earthquakes by providing working energy within areas affected by disaster. The threat of Power plants being targeted by terrorists is also diminished.


However, with the LandDefenceTech EGV (EnergyGeneratingVehicle/Vessel) every Vehicle/Vessel ends up as a small scale power plant contributing if struck by disaster.


The LandTech RE<CEnergygenerator would also vastly reduce the problem with fires in the Los Angeles area which often are initiated due to a combination of factors including centralized power plants, the power grid and strong winds.


From a Norwegian perspective, decentralizing power production reduces the need for transport networks in areas at risk from avalanche and landslide. Additionally, the LandTech RE<CEnergygenerator would also eliminate any negative impact a similar wind powered project would have on endangered species like the sea eagle as well as avoiding conflicts of interest between offshore installations and the fishing industry.



Renewable Energy Production Costs 

There is no cost attached to the actual use of the energy source and no pollution.



LandTech RE<C



Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


No refuelling - no recharging - no pollution


LandDefenceTech © 2007


EGV = Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator provides exceptional solutions

 to growing environmental issues

within a more environmentally aware global community.



The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator is patent pending

having completed a successful public pre-patent survey.



LandDefenceTech licenses the patent pending exclusive rights for LandTech RE<C Energygenerator utilized in conjunction with a propulsion system or stand-alone below 1 MW production level.