What Existent Needs and Challenges have been solved?


The innovation has several potential uses:


As a propulsion system for motor vehicles, boats, ships and possibly even aircraft, within the range 150 kW (200 hp) to 50 MW (66 667 hp) per module.


A well known US electric vehicle (EV) concept will achieve a range only limited by the lifespan of the technology

(15 years/150 000 km), with no requirement to ever stop to recharge batteries. This will include higher power and torque than for most current sedans with internal combustion engines (200 hp and 220 Nm per module).

Competing systems often use one engine per wheel, but we have developed our own regenerating drive chain which is compatible with current combustion engine production vehicles, with the military field utility vehicle and APC in mind.


As a power generator for cabins, farms and houses. Modules in the range of 10 40 80 100 kW power production.


All these potential uses are based on the patent pending technical solution in the pre-patent survey supported by Innovation Norway.



In what Way does the Innovation solve these Needs and Challenges?


As a propulsion system it provides energy for the drive chain without consuming fossil fuel, thereby eliminating pollution generated by this kind of technology. This goes for both electrical and mechanical utilization.


As a small scale energy generator it provides energy without the need for extensive transport infrastructure - unlike unstable energy generation systems such as water, solar or wind powered/geothermal units - effectively eliminating the immense geographical and environmental considerations usually associated with energy production.


The system can also provide power to offshore oil installations.



LandTech RE<C



Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


No refuelling - no recharging - no pollution


LandDefenceTech  2007


EGV = Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator provides exceptional solutions

 to growing environmental issues

within a more environmentally aware global community.



The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator is patent pending

having completed a successful public pre-patent survey.



LandDefenceTech licenses the patent pending exclusive rights for LandTech RE<C Energygenerator utilized in conjunction with a propulsion system or stand-alone below 1 MW production level.