The Long Term Perspective Potential


The flexibility of the LandDefenceTech EGV (Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel) makes the entire world a market.


The innovation could replace all fossil fuels used in motor vehicles, boats, ships and possibly aircraft, as well as eliminating all associated fossil fuel pollution.


Being so flexible, cost effective and pollution free, the LandDefenceTech EGV provides a means to close the technological gap between industrialized and less industrialized geographic regions of the world.


Theoretically, conflicts related to energy could be eliminated as the value of limited natural resources diminishes and renewable energy becomes a common commodity.

One example is Russia who now supply a hefty 25% of all Europe’s oil and gas needs, a market share that is increasing rapidly, affording them a disturbing financial grip over Europe’s economy.

The LandDefenceTech EGV will solve the problem of US and European dependency on foreign oil.



Realistic Goals Achievable Within Two Years


The completion of testing of LandTech RE<C Energygenerator prototypes demonstrating cost effective fossil fuel free energy, no pollution and considerably reduced noise levels in motor vehicles, boats and ships. Electric motor vehicle and maritime boat prototypes are ready for testing.


Economically, the potential is formidable both in a short term and long term perspective.


The LandDefenceTech EGV provides exceptional solutions to growing environmental issues within a more environmentally aware global community.



LandTech RE<C



Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


No refuelling - no recharging - no pollution


LandDefenceTech © 2007


EGV = Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator provides exceptional solutions

 to growing environmental issues

within a more environmentally aware global community.



The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator is patent pending

having completed a successful public pre-patent survey.



LandDefenceTech licenses the patent pending exclusive rights for LandTech RE<C Energygenerator utilized in conjunction with a propulsion system or stand-alone below 1 MW production level.