Projects / the Plan to Realize the Potential


Build a 20 - 60 kW demonstrator to power a military wheeled or tracked vehicle with 200 - 600 hp propulsion system, providing electrical energy when parked and self-recharging while being used.


Build a 100 kW and a MW size technical demonstrator. These demonstrators would be built utilizing off-the-shelf technology that is presently available.


Win the US high profile Progressive Automotive Xprize competition in 2009/10.

As long as we finish then it is not possible to come second on fuel efficiency and lowest pollution, as there are non.



LandTech RE<C



Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


No refuelling - no recharging - no pollution


LandDefenceTech  2007


EGV = Energy Generating Vehicle/Vessel


The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator provides exceptional solutions

 to growing environmental issues

within a more environmentally aware global community.



The LandTech RE<C Energygenerator is patent pending

having completed a successful public pre-patent survey.



LandDefenceTech licenses the patent pending exclusive rights for LandTech RE<C Energygenerator utilized in conjunction with a propulsion system or stand-alone below 1 MW production level.